Temperature Controller TC-1 And TC-5

Deepali United’s Digital Temperature Controllers are invaluable for Process Automation for R & D laboratories.

DU's Temperature Controllers are easy to use. Best of all, no wiring is required.Just plug in the equipment whose operation needs to be controlled,place the sensor in the area to be controlled, and program the controller.

Salient Features

  • SS-316 (RTD Pt-100) sensor ideal for monitoring the true liquid temperature.
  • Self tune PID controller with programmable heat / cool control module.
  • Temperature overshoot inhibit feature.
  • Set temperature lockout protection control and MCB’s for overload and short circuit protection.
  • Suitable for any external heater/cooler (upto 2500 Watts)
  • Select models have built-in Timer with PID Temperature Controller.
No. Particulars TC-1 TC-5
1 PID Controller Yes Yes
2 Digital Timer - Yes
3 Capacity Upto 2500 Watts
4 Temperature Range -199° C to 400° C
5 Resolution of Temperature Controller 0.1° C
6 Size of PT-100 Sensor Dia. mm x 150 mm long and 1 meter Teflon coated wire. (Other diameter and Length on request)
7 Input supply voltage 230 V AC ± 10% (Other voltage on request)
8 Safety Feature MCB for overload and short circuit protection.
9 Electrical connection for connecting external heater/cooler 15 AMP 3-Pin socket
10 Overall Size LxBxH in mm 155x190x130 mm
Temperature Controller TC-1
Manual For Temperature Controller TC-1
Temperature Controller TC-2