Single Station Lab Reactor (SLR-01)


At present, in R&D Lab, the various reactions at different desired temperatures are done in Glass Round Bottom Flask, using an Oil or Water Bath and Over Head Stirrer.

The problem being faced in above procedure:

  • A number of equipments are to be assembled along with glass flask. More time consuming in setup
  • Multiple Power outlets are required.
  • Fear of Glass Flask getting broken.
  • The new formulated product by reaction done in glass flask, may damage the production SS-316 Reactor, thus Heavy Loss of production time and Costly repair of production reactor.

DU has introduced Single Station Lab Reactor to overcome the above mentioned problem.

Silent Features:

  • Fully equipped system made up of Stainless-Steel SS-316. (Except Water Pump)
  • Temperature Range from ambient to 180deg Celsius (max.).
  • Safety Valve provided for 1bar above atmosphere.
  • Interchangeable Teflon Port provided for various sizes of Standard Glass Condensers like B14, B19, B24 and B29. (Glass Condensers not in our scope of supply)
  • The system can withstand Vacuum up to 10mbar.
  • 2 Nos. of Viewing Port in the Reactor Cover.
  • Provision for Nitrogen Purging.
  • Overhead Stirrer with Digital Speed Indicator.
  • Magnetic Drive Coupling for Overhead Lab Stirrer.
  • Anchor and Turbine type Stirring Blade with Reactor Vessel.
  • Selectable Switch for Indirect Heating Control from Heater Sensor or Direct Heating Control from Liquid Sensor of Mass Reaction.
  • Selectable Switch for Only Stirring, Stirring & Heating or Only Heating.
  • Water Pump and Water Tank for circulation of water through jacket for cooling.
  • Quick Connect Coupling for air/ water/ liquid cooling through jacketing.
  • Flush Bottom Valve with Emergency Ball Valve to discharge.
  • Single Input Power Supply for heating, stirring and pumping the cooling water.
  • Easy changeover of Reactor Vessels.
  • Complete system mounted on Trolley, easy to shift from one place to another.
  • Reactor Vessels available in range of 1Litre, 2Litre and 3Litre capacity.



    It consists of 1Litre Capacity Reactor Vessel, complete with Control Unit for Continuous Variable Speed Control, PID Temperature Control, Provision for connecting Water Pump motor electrically and 2-Pole MCB for Mains ON/OFF with suitable Glass Fuses and connectors, and mounted over a Trolley.


    2Litre & 3Litre Capacity Reactor Vessels complete with Electrical Heater, Jacketing for Cooling, Flush Bottom Valve with Emergency Ball Valve, Stirring Rod with suitable Anchor & Turbine type stirrer blade suitable for Respective Capacities and suitable Stand to mount over the trolley platform respectively.

Single Station Lab Reactor (SLR-01)
Single Station Lab Reactor (SLR-01)
S.N. Particular SLR-01
1 Nominal Capacity of Reactor Vessel (Litre) 1 2 3
2 Total Volume of Reactor Vessel (Litre) 1.5 3 4
3 Inner Diameter of Reactor Vessel (mm) 160
4 Working Height of Reactor Vessel (mm) 75 150 210
5 Jacketing Total Volume (L) 0.065 1.3 2
6 Jacketing Effective Volume (L) 0.4 1 1.5
7 Max. Operating Temperature (°C) Ambient + 10°C to 180°C
8 Max. positive pressure (bar) 1bar above Atmospheric Pressure
9 Negative pressure (vacuum) (mbar) 10 mbar
10 Overhead Lab stirrer(LS-5) 60-600RPM (other speed as required)
11 Input Supply 230 V, AC, ±10%
12 Weight of Trolley Platform with stand and Accessories (Without Reactor Vessel) 108 Kg
13 Weight of Reactor Vessels (Kg) 27Kg 29Kg 32Kg
14 Reactor Vessel Dimension (W X D X H) (mm) : A X B X C 515x285x920 515x285x920 515x285x980
15 Overall dimensions of system (W X D X H) (mm) 900x750x1835