Oil Bath With Magnetic Stirrer

Deepali United offers a range of Oil Bath ensure no burn out of the heater due to lack of water along with a controller with timer that provide a fully automatic control over the process. It is most useful for research and production application.

Salient Features

  • Unique Combo Design of Magnetic Stirrer and Oil Bath.
  • All Features of our standard Oil Baths.
  • Built-in Magnetic Stirrer having following features:
      • Non-stop (day and night) Stirring.
      • Forward and Reverse Options.
      • Efficient Speed Controller for step-less speed control.
      • 12 V DC Motor.
  • Select Models have Temperature Controller with Timer along with Magnetic stirrer.
  • Selectable modes - only stirring or only hearing or stirring and heating both.
No. Particulars OB-500/OB-500Z OB-01/OB-01Z OB-03/OB-03Z
1.0 Capacity (By Size of Glass Flask) 500 ml 1 Ltr. 3 Ltr.
2.0 Maximum Temperature 300° C
3.0 Size of Oil Bath in mm Dia.135 x 65 Dia.175 x 110 Dia. 240 x 160
4.0 Heater Capacity Watts 400 400 750
5.0 Timer Models OB-500Z/ OB-01Z / OB-03Z / OB-05Z / OB-10Z / OB-20Z have built-in Timer with PID Temperature Controller.
6.0 Magnetic Stirrer Yes Yes Yes
7.0 Speed of Magnetic Stirrer Upto 1200 RPM
8.0 Overall Dimension (LxWxH in mm) 365 x 185 x 220 400 x 220 x 275 470 x 290 x 325
9.0 Input Supply 230 V, AC, ± 10% (Other Voltages on Request)
Oil Bath With Magnetic Stirrer
Download Manual:
Manual For Oil Bath With Magnetic Stirrer