Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

Deepali United offers a range of high performance magnetic stirrers for effective, efficient & homogeneous mixing required for critical, diversified applications at routine & research laboratories.

Salient Features:

  • Non-Stop (day and night) stirring of light and viscous fluids and mixtures.
  • Forward and Reverse stirring options.
  • Efficient Speed controller for step - less speed control.
  • Precision Digital Speed Indicator in select models.
  • SS-316 top plate effective for protection against corrosive liquids.
  • Digital temperature controller (for external heater) in select models.
  • Stand with finger type clamp to hold the included RTD PT-100 sensor (MS-6 Only).
  • Separate SS-304 oil pot with MS-6 only.
  • Possible to precise control of the temperature of hot plate or liquid (MS-6 Only).
  • Top Plate temperature maximum 250 o C

Technical Particulars:

Particulars MS-2 MS-4 MS-6
1.0 Output Speed Range (RPM) 50-1200
2.0 Digital Speed Indicator --- Yes ---
3.0 Internal Heater Yes Yes Yes
4.0 Thermostat control Yes Yes ---
5.0 Digital Temperature Controller
(for external heater of 2500 Watts maximum)
--- --- Yes
(a) Liquid Like Water
(b) Liquid Like Synthetic Resins, Adhesives
7 Liters
2 Liters
7 Liters
2 Liters
7 Liters
2 Liters
7.0 Speed Controller
Magnetic Stirrer , MS-2
Magnetic Stirrer,MS-4
Magnetic Stirrer, MS-6
Manual for Magnetic Stirrer MS-6