Lab (Overhead) Stirrer with Temperature Controller

Deepali United’s Lab (Overhead) Stirrer with Temperature Controllers are invaluable for Process Automation for R&D laboratories.

Salient Features:

  • Non-Stop (day and night) stirring of light and viscous fluids and mixtures.
  • Forward and Reverse stirring options.
  • Efficient Speed controller for step-less speed control.
  • Precision Digital Speed Indicator in select models.
  • 12 Volts D C Motor.
  • Efficient spur geared torque multiplier.
  • Digital PID Temperature Controller suitable for external heater/cooler.

Technical Particulars:

Particulars LST-2 LST-5
1.0 Output Speed Range (RPM) 60-600 40-400 / 20-200
10-100 / 6-60
2.0 Digital Speed Indicator --- Yes
3.0 Digital Temperature Controller with SS-316 (RTD PT-100) sensor Yes Yes
(a) Liquid Like Water
(b) Liquid Like Synthetic Resins, Adhesives
200 Liters
50 Liters
200 Liters
50 Liters
5.0 External Heater/Collar rating 2500 Watts (Maximum)
6.0 Design Construction Motor Gear Unit - Mountable on stand
Speed Controller - Desktop Type
7.0 Stirring Rod can pass through the Gear box Yes Yes
8.0 Output Connection Drill Chuck suitable for rod upto 10 mm diameter.
9.0 Speed Controller
10.0 Safety Feature MCB for overload and short circuit protection.
11.0 Electrical connection for connecting external heater/cooler 15 Amp 3-pin socket.
Lab (Overhead) Stirrer with Temperature Controller LST-2
Lab (Overhead) Stirrer with Temperature Controller LST-5