Lab Basket Centrifuge LBC-500

Basket Centrifuge facilitates separating the solids and liquids of a solution by centrifugal force using a filter media (usually cloth) mounted over supporting mesh of the rotating basket.

DU’s Lab Basket Centrifuges (desktop) are invaluable for Process Automation, Product Formulation, Process Research, Product Modeling, and Chemical Compound Washing etc. for R&D laboratory.

Technical Features:

  • Wide range of extraction quantity: from 50 gms to 500 gms.
  • Compact, portable, desktop and lightweight design..
  • Use of high quality material (SS 316) for all wetted parts.
  • High centrifugal acceleration (Max. 800g)variable to ensure quick and effective filtration.
  • Step less controllable speed with precision digital speed (RPM) indicator.
  • Inlet/outlet for Nitrogen purging to ensure inert environment for reactive mixtures.
  • Precision Dynamic Balancing to ensure Salient and vibration less operation.
  • Electric Braking System for quick stoppage of rotating basket.
  • Magnetic sensor to ensure correct replacement of Centrifuge’s top lid to enable the operation.
  • Body Earthling point to save against Static Electric charge.
  • Low maintenance and easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Teflon / Haler coating of all wetted parts can be offered optionally.
Lab Basket Centrifuge
Manual For Lab Basket Centrifuge