Heating Block

Deepali (DU) has developed unique Heating Blocks made up of Aluminium Solid and suitable for Round Bottom Flasks of various sizes. Even 3-neck RBF can be easily accommodated.

The Heating Block replaces water OR Oil in Oil Bath as heating medium. The heating of Round Bottom Flask takes in dry condition. Thus there is no Fume of Oil or Vapour of Water at higher temperature. This gives a clean and smell less heating environment.

These Heating Blocks can be heated upto 400 o C. The heat transfer from the inner body of DU - Oil Baths to Heating Blocks are very efficient. As Oil is not needed for heating, this saves lot of money. Thus Heating Blocks are economical in use.

These heating blocks can be used in DU Oil Baths or DU Oil Bath with Magnetic Stirrer

No. Type of Heating Block Size of RBF
1 HB-100 100 ml
2 HB-150 150 ml
3 HB-250 250 ml
4 HB-500 500 ml
5 HB-1000 1000 ml
6 HB-2000 2000 ml
7 HB-3000 3000 ml
Higher capacities Heating Blocks can be provided on request.