Digital Temperature Indicator

Deepali United’s Digital Temperature Controllers are invaluable for Process Automationfor R & D laboratories.

DU’s Temperature Controllers are easy to use. Best of all, no wiring is required. Just plug in the equipment whose operation needs to be controlled, place the sensor in the area to be controlled, and program the controller.

The temperature controller can be used for heating or cooling applications. The controller turns off the heater or cooler when the liquid reaches the specified temperature and maintains the desired temperature using an efficient PID algorithm.These digital temperature controllers can be provided with or without digital timers.

Salient Features:

  • SS-316 (RTD Pt-100) sensor ideal for monitoring the true liquid temperature.
  • This replaces Glass Thermometer, thus no chance of breakage.
  • Temperature Range -199° C to 400° C.
  • Sensor Resolution of 0.1° C.
  • Digital Indicator housed in Powder Coated Aluminum Box.
  • Facility to offset the difference in temperature displayed by DTI and Glass thermometer.
  • Every Individual Indicator has its own ON/OFF switch.

Technical Particulars:

  • Power rating: 2.5 kW max. at 230 V AC
  • Sensor temperature range: -199 oC to 399 oC, resolution 0.1oC
  • (TC-2) Timer Range: up to 9999 Hours.


  • TC-1: PID digital temperature controller without timer
  • TC-2: PID digital temperature controller with digital timer
No. Particulars DTI-01 DTI-02 DTI-2H DTI-04 DTI-06
1 Number of Temperature Display Unit 1 2 2 4 6
2 Number of RTD PT- 100 Sensor 1 2 2 4 6
3 Resolution of Sensors 0.1° C
4 Temperature Range -199° C to 400° C
5 Size of PT-100 Sensor Dia. 3 mm x 150 mm long and 1 meter Teflon Coated wire.(Other Diameter and Length on Request)
6 Material of Sensor SS-316
7 Overall Size LxBxH in mm 65 X 160 X 140 mm 65 X 160 X 140 mm 135 x 160 x 85 mm 135 x 160 x 135 mm 90 x 160 x 370 mm
8 Input supply voltage 230 V AC ± 10%(Other Voltage on Request)
Digital Tempreture Controller
Digital Tempreture Controller
Digital Tempreture Controller
Digital Tempreture Controller
Digital Tempreture Controller